The JENerators Club

My inner circle mastermind coaching club is for BOLD and BRAVE women looking to level up their own authentically aligned, value-centered vision and lead their life on their own terms.

This is the highest level coaching I offer and it is designed for the driven and ambitious, no-nonsense action-oriented, soul-centered leader who wants to stay powerfully connected to her family, friends, and relationships. She wants to kick ass in business and in life, and bring major impact to the world.

This is a limited offering and is invitation only after you complete the application to join the JEnerators Club. This high level, high performing, BOLD coaching club is meant for those of you who have completed the SHE Ascends Club or is a She Ascender graduate.  This Club is for you if you want to be in Jen’s inner circle with direct access to her coaching and mastermind of powerfully connected, honest and BOLD women! Please send an email inquiry to and we will send you an application.

For the BOLD, successful, powerful woman who is committed to leading her life on her own terms and ascending into her highest capacity, this is the place for you!

Look, I get it. Life isn’t easy. But the fluffy, mediocre personal development crap is not the answer, and will leave you feeling like a failure and also broke!  Am I right?


Finding your purpose is not the quest because it was never lost.

You just forgot to remember. Your stories and beliefs clouded your vision, and now all you need to do is remember who you were, who you are, and who you can become.

Life is full of pressures and stress…

It can lead to burnout and being overwhelmed.  The truth becomes more and more challenging to see. Remembering and implementing is key. You have everything inside of you already. You just need to WAKE up.

Imagine if you could remember your joy.

Imagine if you could remember your connection. Imagine if you could remember to be intimate. Imagine if you could have it all –  all the time. Imagine feeling powerful and confident all the time. Imagine living a life guided by a purpose, and a value-centered mission that matters to you?

You just forgot. All you need is to remember your truth so you can start blowing up those self-destructive beliefs and stop blowing up your life. The sad part is…

We forget our values. We forget our North Star, and we forget ourselves along the way.

You’re not alone, I once was there too.

And I promise you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to imagine. You just have to remember and implement your truth. The truth is that you were born with,  the truth that has never left you, the truth  that is waiting for you to remember.

Here is how the JENerator Club works:

3 x hour-long group calls per month

With Jen where we dive into the specific needs of the group.

4 one-on-one hour-long Zoom or voice calls with Jen

Access to the SHE ASCENDS Facebook group where you can learn and ask for coaching from Jen and her team coaches 24/7.  In your Facebook group, you will also connect with like-minded, compassionate women who are ready to support your vision and encourage you every step of the way.

Access to the SHE ASCENDS course material, video library, meditations, nutrition and fitness body balance course, and any and all curriculum and courses I create for as long as you JENerate with us.

SHEtreat 2-day event in Boise, Idaho at Jen’s private retreat residence so that we can meet each other in person, strengthen our bonds, and deepen our JENerating process.

BOOK A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION CALL to see if you are a fit today.


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I receive just as much from this coaching club and mastermind of powerful women as I give, and truly this is where I find so much joy and fulfillment — seeing my clients blow up their beliefs and JENerate the life they were destined for

Let’s DO this!

Are you ready to generate your own value-centered life?

I invite you to schedule a call with me to see if The JENerators Club is right for you.