Gloria Johnson, West Virgina

Once again I found myself at my highest weight. I heard about a plan where ladies were losing weight fast, so I jumped on the wagon and lost ten pounds. However, it required tons of food prep and eating five times a day. I ended up being so focused on food and eating every three hours that it fed my obsession. After the holidays, I gained the weight back. For three weeks, I binged on sugar, carbs, and all the wrong food.

Then I became aware of Jennifer. I connected with her words and felt she had so many answers. I was worried about the cost, but my higher power was leading the way.

After two calls, I said I couldn’t afford her, then I was sad. My husband convinced me that I couldn’t afford not to. He watched me on this roller coaster for twenty years.

Within two months she was able to pinpoint many of my demons; the ones controlling my life and lack of self-worth. She broke down my walls, opened up my world with the truth, and taught me to take ownership. Food ino longer controls my life…I found freedom.

I will continue my amazing journey to wellness with Jenn as my coach.