She Ascends Club

All the group mentorship, accountability, and support you’ll ever need to help you uncover and align with your vision and purpose. You’re not alone. Let’s ASCEND together!

I created the SHE Ascenders Club for women just like me and just like you.

This SHE Ascends Club is not for you if you want a fast fix or the matrix red pill to beeline it for the happiness fulfillment finish line. This is for you if you want to commit yourself to living a life worth showing up for! You’ll leave a powerful imprint on the planet, and stay rooted firmly in what makes you joyful, connected, and powerfully authentic to your own set of beliefs!

Let me tell you my story of how I landed here.

I couldn’t take any more fluffy, unshakable” “find your purpose”, meditate your face off online self-development courses. They simply did not work for me, and I kept feeling demoralized and thinking of myself as an epic failure.


So here is what I did.

After hundreds of interviews, endless books, meditation retreats, transformational leadership guru weekend workshops, and way too much hype, I found the strategies and actual action-oriented tool that worked for me and it changed my life!

I blew up my beliefs – which were holding me back and causing me to forget my voice and what I stood for – and I stopped blowing up my life. This system liberated me and allowed me to remember my own truth, and unleash it unapologetically. I finally began to live the life I was intended to live. I decided to live my life with bold, brave audacity and with the courage and confidence to trust myself. That’s what I want for you! One caveat. You actually have to put in the effort. It is simple, but I’m not promising easy.

Prepare yourself…

For a massive and powerful shift that will support you into becoming the leader of your own life! You’re going to Ascend into the most powerfully authentic version of you. You’re also going to remember who you were, who you are, and what you can become.

I get it. I was where you are. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I thought my behaviors were what everyone expected of me, so I assumed that it would work for me.


I was knee-deep in approval-seeking, and I was pursuing a way of living that was full of lies.  I call this Imposter Syndrome. I was lying about what I really wanted and lying to myself about how I could never get there. My stories kept holding me hostage and they left me circling the drain. I forgot what I stood for, and chased other people’s expectations of what I should be.

Sound familiar.

Guess what. You can change your behaviors by changing your beliefs. It’s all about finding your value-centered life and letting go of cultural norms, releasing yourself from what society tells you what you should be doing. That word should is the downfall of really connected women.

In the SHE Ascends Club, you will learn how to be aligned with your purpose, your passion, and your desires. I bet you’ve never been shown how to accumulate great wealth in all areas of your life. Too many of us seem to lose ourselves and our values along the way, stripped down naked and afraid just like the weird TV show…

I’m sure you can relate.

Here’s the problem ladies. All of our behaviors have been based on lies. You’re better than that! And all it takes is for you to remember. Let me teach you, show you, and guide you and support you.

Are you ready to live the next chapter of your life?

Are you ready to ASCEND?

What will this Club membership do for you?

This online course is self-paced for 60 days. With 60 days access to my complete library of video coaching lessons. My goal is to remove the time pressure aspect of this course and allow you to work through the program on your own timeline. I will share my video course modules with you as I show you step by step how to blow up your beliefs so you can stop blowing up your life.

You will have access to your private Facebook community of women who are just like you. They have tried everything and they’ve been left feeling like failures in the wake of all the self-growth and personal development fluffy hype.

You will also have access to my no-nonsense meditations that are designed to train your brain not to “ohmmmm” out.  I give you complete access to my journal prompts that give you actionable items to work through. You will have assignments I like to call “ascendments:” to support you in your journey and help you disembody and destroy those self-destructive beliefs that have been holding you hostage for too long.  The good news … your lies won’t stand a chance!

After you complete the SHE Ascends Club Course, you will:

  • Have a clear formula for your vision.
  • Control your behaviors to ensure they are in alignment with your values.
  • Understand your actual intrinsic values, wants, and desires and have the power to unleash them.
  • Gain the confidence to use your voice, purpose, and vision for powerful impact.
  • Gain the tools to blow up all of your old beliefs and stories, and prevent them from creeping back in, and if they do, showing you how to disembody them on the spot.
  • How to have the courage to incorporate your truth, set boundaries and stay in your power.
  • Create a value-centered schedule that will keep you rooted in your authentic power.
  • Create deep, meaningful relationships in an online community of women who you can trust because they are “just like us.”
  • Have the ability and tools to check in, reassess goals, and attract an epic tribe while staying connected and energetic for the entire journey.
  • Use your own discernment to decide if something or someone is not authentically aligned with your values.

What you will receive

You will receive MEMBERSHIP to my video self-study modules, intended to create lasting change that builds as you work your way through this personalized program. With over 60 days of video coaching, online assignment or what I call “ascendments”, journal prompts, meditations, and a workbook, we make your transformation achievable.

OK, I know you are a driven woman who appreciates and respects straight talk without the fluff. So here’s the investment. My intention is to make this priceless Ascension course doable for as many women as possible. So, this priceless formula for your success is only $397, even though this is a HUGE retail value. Why am I offering this Club membership for such a ridiculously low price? Because you’re worth it. You deserve SHE Ascends in your life.

The entire course is yours now for just $397.

You deserve a life of abundance, alignment, connection, and deep meaningful fulfillment.

Let’s Ascend into your greatest capacity together. This is for you!